W.R. Dallas Furniture Studio

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In 1929, W.R. Dallas Furniture Studio was established in San Antonio, Texas by Wylie R. Dallas. Mr. Dallas’s designs are patented originals, registered under the trade-name Spoke - Leg Furniture. To this day the furniture is constructed of Ponderosa Pine, keyed and pegged for natural expansion and contraction. Each piece is hand tung-oiled with a wax finish.

The W.R. Dallas trademark means custom built furniture that carries romance, strength and charm of pioneer days in Texas.

Our Craftsmen have been part of the W.R. Dallas family for over 40 years. 
We continue to handcraft all our pieces just as 
Mr. Dallas did in 1929.
please call 512-328-0144 or email to place an order

Our showroom is located in Austin, Texas and we are happy to visit with clients by appointment.

If you have a W.R. Dallas collection you wish to sell, please email photographs and the history of the collections or pieces.

We handcraft all our pieces and each piece is made to order.
Turn around time varies, allow 8-10 weeks per order.